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What documents are necessary for border entry into Georgia?

When landing in Georgia, a hotel voucher, round-trip ticket, travel insurance, and an amount of money adequate to cover the duration of your stay are required.

The Border Patrol may request additional review of the documents and things stated previously.

What is the cost of marriage registration in Georgia?

We’ve created many packages for you; you may learn more about them on the planning page.

What documentation is necessary to register a marriage in Georgia?

Your identity document is the essential and mandatory document for marriage registration in Georgia (passport or travel document). After you’ve confirmed your date and travel arrangements, you’ll email us a scan of your identity to expedite our work by completing the documents and scheduling the marriage.

Is a reservation required to register your marriage:

After determining your travel schedule, the LBS team will take the appropriate booking processes.

Is it necessary to undergo special medical tests in order to register a marriage?

In Georgia, no medical tests are required to register a marriage.

What languages are supported for the issuance of marriage certificates?

The primary marriage certificate is issued in Georgian and is subsequently translated into any official language by the applicable government agency and Apostilled or legalized for presentation in any country. The marriage certificate is valid around the world and maybe submitted in any country

Is it possible to deliver documents via regular mail?

Yes, if the selected package requires additional time to issue the document and your stay in Georgia is limited, the relevant document can be sent via post to your country of residence and address.

Is it required for a Georgian marriage certificate to be registered in a different country?

No; Georgian marriage certificates are issued by the Ministry of Justice and do not require re-registration in a third country.

Is the couple’s religion considered when the marriage is registered and is it feasible for the pair to have a formal marriage with a different religion?

Yes; in Georgia, marriage takes happen regardless of the couple’s religion and is not recorded on the official marriage certificate; but, if the couple so desires, they may perform the religious rite of marriage independently.

How many business days does it take to prepare the marriage document’s legalization or apostille?

Apostille or legalization certificates can be registered in as little as one day, two days, or four working days.

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