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Getting married in Georgia may be more straightforward than you imagine. Georgia, situated on both the continents of Europe and Asia, has managed to earn favor with travelers. Georgia has a unique four-season climate, with scorching summers close to the Black Sea and cold, foggy winters in the Caucasus Mountains. As a result, Georgia is a sparsely populated country. It is an ideal location for tourists because of its many mountains and lovely surroundings. On the other hand, Georgia’s government is regarded as one of the most significant governments for couples to get married and acquire an official international certificate because it has liberal marriage rules. Georgia bases marriage registration on the couple’s testimony; the only requirement for registration and formalization is the presentation of the couple’s passport. On the other hand, the following factors must be taken into consideration to have a legal and happy marriage.
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Why should I register my marriage in Georgia?

It is really simple to get married in Georgia; all it takes is a few simple steps to legalize your marriage and obtain an international marriage certificate. In Georgia, there is no specific bureaucracy for marriage registration; instead, you must show your passport or travel document to register your marriage. Visit the lovely country of Georgia and adequately register your marriage with Marry in Georgia’s experienced team. Georgian marriage certificates are acceptable in all nations when it presented and accepted. Don’t worry; get in touch with us; marriage registration in Georgia is available regardless of your citizenship.

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Georgian Honeymoon

Georgian Honeymoon

Dream your honeymoon, Georgia is one of the European and Asian countries that, thanks to its ideal position, the abundance of tourist attractions, and the reasonably low cost of lodging and activities, can be one of the dream locations for your honeymoon. The planning of the honeymoon is always best done right after the wedding. During your honeymoon, you will have the chance to make special memories that you can cherish with your special someone. Who would not desire a romantic, exciting, and amazing honeymoon? Georgia can undoubtedly be the ideal location for your honeymoon.

Marriage Services in Georgia

We will be there for you from beginning to end so that you can worry-free plan the ceremony of your dreams. The Marry in Georgia team is aware of your requirements, and we will plan your ideal ceremony based on your desires, from one to a hundred. All of your needs are met by us, including wedding registration, marriage license translation, hair salon, bouquets, ceremonies, bridal cars, receptions, hotel reservations, photography and filmmaking, and even airport transfers.

Marriage registration and issuance of official license

We will legally register your marriage in Georgia in the shortest possible time and issue you a marriage license and provide you with a translation of the marriage certificate.

Setting up luxurious ceremonies and rituals

Whether organizing a friendly and small ceremony or a luxurious and luxurious ceremony in the best restaurants and reception halls in Georgia with the best price and quality is another of our wedding ceremony services.

Photography and videography of wedding ceremonies

Just ask for your wedding ceremony to be memorable from our camera lens. Based on your budget and wishes, we offer all photography services, even studio photography and photography in scenic places.

Bouquet, hairdresser and wedding cake

Without any worries, your event will be prepared with the coordination of the hair salon and even ordering bouquets and wedding cakes. We offer you our best services on this beautiful day

Marriage Services in Georgia