Wedding package price in Georgia

We have prepared five Wedding package price for our customers to make it simple for you to select a Georgia wedding that fits your needs and budget. Additionally, your wedding package can be customized to meet your requirements.

The marriage packages price below are separated into different categories based on the services provided; the economy marriage package is the most affordable of these, and you will receive a range of facilities and services up until the customized package.

You can ask our marriage specialist in Georgia for a free consultation if you still need help choosing your package or if you are unable to select one of the packages from the list below. If you still have a question in choosing your package and you cannot choose a package from the packages below, you can talk to a marriage expert in Georgia and get free advice.

Wedding package price in Georgia

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Recommended Marriage Packages in Georgia

$ 350 Basic
Registration in the PS hall
Sameday marriage certificate
Apostille-stamped translated certificate in 4 days.
Including translation, registration expenses, and witnesses
$ 550 Bronze
Ceremony in the wedding hall
Same-day marriage certificate
wedding photography
Apostille-stamped translated certificate in 4 days
Including translation, registration expenses, and witnesses
$ 750 Silver
Ceremony in the wedding hall
Same-day marriage certificate 
Wedding photography in two locations
Bridal bouquet and boutonniere
Apostille-stamped translated certificate in 2 days
Including translation, registration expenses, and witnesses
$ 950 Golden
Ceremony in the wedding hall
Same-day marriage certificate 
Wedding photography in two locations 
Bridal bouquet and boutonniere
airport and wedding day transportation
Apostille-stamped translated certificate in 1 days
Including translation, registration expenses, and witnesses
Extra charge Add-ons
Additional apostilled marriage certificate
Embassy authentication service
Cut Apostille processing time
Marriage contract
Sending certificate by courier
Marriage registration in your chosen location
Outdoor Ceremony
Video shoots
Bridal hairstyle and makeup & wedding cake
Limousine / wedding car

Faq before choosing the price of the wedding package

Can we customize the desired package?

Yes, you can choose a package based on your needs and add or subtract each item based on your taste.

How is the service fee charged?

The cost of each package can be paid in cash when you are in Georgia, or you can pay in foreign currency before your arrival, so that your ceremony will be carried out in full coordination upon your arrival.

Can I cancel the service after payment?

Since all the services are reserved for you and the relevant executives must be paid. No refund will be made after your payment and confirmation.

Expenses for Marriage Registration in Georgia

The cost of registering a marriage in Georgia is an important concern for young couples. Obviously, when calculating costs, additional expenses must also be accounted for in order to determine the total budget required for this endeavor. In this section of the article, we will be looking at all fees associated with registering a marriage in Sighnaghi. Continue reading the article with us until the end.

Registration fees in Georgia include the following:

  1. Schedule a date.

The first step in registering a marriage in Georgia is scheduling an appointment at one of the city’s wedding houses. This can be done in person or online. Booking the date entails reserving the location on a specific date; therefore, your absence can be detrimental to the management. Consequently, by paying a certain sum, you will reserve your desired date at your preferred location. Obviously, MaryInGeorgia’s staff members are responsible for this.

  1. confirming the paperwork

The relevant referent conducts a preliminary review of the documents to confirm your eligibility and determine whether you are eligible for registration. The spouses are responsible for covering the costs associated with this procedure.

  1. Translation of the original divorce certificate into English and Georgian

If this is not your first marriage, you must have your certificate translated and delivered to the appropriate authority in Georgia. The translation of divorce certificates into English and Georgian is an additional cost of marriage registration in Georgia.

  1. Governmental Fees and Taxes

Taxes and fees imposed by the government constitute an additional portion of your expenses. This is not a major cost, so there is no reason to be concerned.

  1. An accompanying translator in Russian or English at all stages of marriage registration

If one of the spouses or both of them do not speak Russian or English, you will need to hire a translator in Russian or English to guide you on the occasion of the wedding so that you can learn about the nature and meaning of the words of the house management and the rest of the staff. For this purpose, it is necessary to hire a translator who is competent in one of the mentioned languages.

  1. Recruitment of two Georgian citizens as witnesses

    Georgia marriage registration requires two witnesses. If you do not have Georgian-citizen friends, family, or acquaintances in your community, you will be required to pay a fee to be present at your place of wedding on the date of marriage registration.

  2. Transfer along the route.

When planning a wedding in Georgia, it is also important to consider transfer costs and transfers along the route, as well as budget allocations for them. These costs include:

  • Flight reservations
  • Medical coverage for the duration of your stay in Georgia
  • Hotel costs

It should be taken into account by both partners.

  1. Additional service expenses

Obviously, you would like to invite and celebrate with your friends and acquaintances on your wedding day. Here is a list of extra costs for which you must have a sufficient budget. Such as fees, the employment of a musical ensemble, the rental of a limousine, flowers, photography, and filming, among others.