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Sample of Georgian marriage certificate in international marriage

Sample of Georgian marriage certificate in international marriage registration

When you are planning to register marriage in Georgia, you may wish to know the answers to these questions: What does a Georgian marriage certificate look like? What government agency issues the marriage certificate? Is the Georgian marriage certificate valid within the EU or worldwide? Does the certificate need embassy attestation? Will it need to be translated? What information does the marriage certificate provide about the couple? How many copies of the certificate will you get after your marriage?
In this Article, we will attempt to explain all there is to know about the Georgian international marriage certificate. Take a peek to discover what paperwork you will get after your wedding in Georgia.

Georgia’s International Marriage Certificate

Perhaps your wedding is approaching, and you’re too excited to wait and want to see how your wedding certificate will appear. Maybe you’re getting married fast due to administrative reasons, and you’ll need to know what information appears on the wedding certificate.
We’ve attempted to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the Georgian wedding certificate, and we hope you find it helpful. First, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions from clients:

What authority issues the certificate?

The Civil Registry Office. It is a department within a public service agency. It is an official certificate from Georgia’s Ministry of Justice.

Which languages will they be issuing marriage certificates?

Georgia will issue marriage certificates in Georgian, the country’s official language. It is possible to request an official translation in most commonly spoken languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and so on.

Translation of Georgian marriage certificate into English

Can you add another language on the wedding certificate?

As replied in the question before, a wedding certificate may be translated into the majority of commonly spoken languages, with an additional copy translated into another language. As a consequence, you may request that two or more marriage certificates be translated into multiple languages, if necessary.

Is it possible to get more than two copies of the marriage certificate?

We could obtain additional copies of the Georgian marriage certificate for your wedding. Typically, our service packages contain two Georgian marriage copies, one of which will be legalized and translated.

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Even after you have left Georgia and your wedding, if you want more copies of your wedding certificate, we may assist you with our Apostille Legalization Service.

Can I change the family name on my wedding certificate to my spouse’s?

Yes, you can change your family name on the wedding certificate.
The wedding certificate states the names from your passport or travel document at the time of marriage, and in the specific field in the certificate, there is a place where your family will be listed after marriage.
According to Georgia’s Marriage Law, spouses can keep their last name after marriage, use any of the last names as a family name, or combine two names into one.
To change your name after your wedding, you can do this in the country where you reside later.

Can we have the papers that my witnesses signed?

No, the original marriage certificate does not include witness information and will be kept in the public service hall archives.

What does a Georgian International Marriage Certificate look like?

In the picture below, we have provided a sample copy of the Georgian international marriage certificate. The following is an example of an official marriage document in the form of a PDF file. There are very important points in this document.

Sample of marriage certificate in Georgia in Georgian language
As seen on the copy, all information is written in Georgian and is possible to translate into most spoken languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, etcetera.
A marriage certificate is a document that includes information on both sides. The document’s backdrop color is gold, and it has a cover with the same color and designs.

What information does the marriage certificate provide about the couple?

The marriage certificate includes the couple’s given names and surnames, date of birth, country of birth, and citizenship. The next page contains information about the government unit producing the certificate, the date of marriage registration, the marriage certificate number, and the place of marriage registration.
A marriage license also includes a section that details the surname change for the couple. You may use either your spouse’s surname or a combination of your spouse’s and your own last names.
The certificate does not record the previous marital status of both spouses.
Keep in mind that the marriage certificate will still list your country of birth, even if your passport or travel document shows your place of birth as a city. This is something that you should keep in mind.

Is it necessary to legalize a Georgian marriage certificate by apostille?

Once you’ve determined which county is in charge of your certificate, you should determine if you require legalization. So, you already know that your marriage is legal across the globe, but if you want to utilize your certificate for administrative reasons, it may need to have Apostille legalized.

Legalization of marriage certificate in Georgia
First, we must define apostille legalization and who needs it. We’ve included a quick explanation below.
The Georgian Marriage Certificate is a legal document in Georgia; however, Georgian laws differ from those in other countries, so legalizations make your wedding certificate document legal in the nation where you live.
What is an apostille? An apostille serves as a type of authentication, simplifying the process of legalizing and certifying public documents for global acceptance in countries that have ratified the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty.
More information regarding the Apostille and the Hague Convention may be found on Wikipedia, along with a list of member countries.
Even for countries that are not members of this treaty, like GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), you are able to get legalization for your marriage certificate, and the difference with an apostille certificate is that this legalization requires the approval of the embassy of the destination country.
In any case, with each of our company’s service packages, you will get an apostilled or legalized marriage certificate.
Here you can see the company’s offered packages, as well as the items included in them.
However, some countries require extra processes, and we strongly advise you to check this so that you are prepared.
Below is a sample of a Georgian international marriage certificate for your review.

How can I obtain a new wedding certificate?

The process of getting the certificate is straightforward; one of the spouses may obtain a new copy of the marriage certificate from any affiliate of the public service hall, but there are a few details to consider.
If you already leave Georgia, you cannot get a new copy online. In this situation, you may return to Georgia or send us a power of attorney, and we will apply for a new copy of the marriage certificate on your behalf and post it to you.
If you need assistance in obtaining new copies of your Georgian wedding certificate or if you have any queries, please contact us; we would be happy to assist you!
Read our getting married in Georgia FAQ or email us your questions via our contact page, and you will get a response very quickly.

At the end of the Going Through a Georgian Marriage Certificate Example;

we attempted to update you with the Georgian international marriage certificate; therefore, it is important that you be aware of the relevant data during and prior to the marriage registration procedure, which will help you have a complete understanding of the elements listed in the Georgian marriage document.
If you have any concerns regarding the Georgia marriage certificate, Georgia marriage laws, or even the charges involved, the Mary Inn Georgia collection is here to help.

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