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The most touristic villages in Georgia

Introducing the most touristic villages in Georgia

Knowing the most touristic villages in Georgia; One of the necessary things to know is traveling and having a honeymoon in this beautiful and mountainous country. Georgia is a country with natural and God-given beauty that every year many people from all over the world travel to visit its tourist sites. Georgia is famous for having villages with natural and beautiful texture, which we want to introduce in this article. So, in the rest of this article, stay with us to introduce the most touristic villages in Georgia.

The best tourist villages in Georgia

As a mountainous country, Georgia is made up of countless villages in the lap of nature and beautiful mountains, to make your work easy, 6 of the best tourist villages in Georgia where you can make the best and most memorable trip for you. These villages are among the most attractive and beautiful tourist villages in Georgia, which, with proper facilities and easy access, are the ideal spots for your honeymoon and even for your dream honeymoon in Georgia.


The historical province of Svaneti is located northwest of Georgia and is located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. The only way to get there is to drive from Zugdidi to Mestia along steep roads that overlook beautiful valleys, wild rivers, and majestic mountains. Svaneti consists of several small villages built on the slopes of snow-capped mountains, surrounded by stunning views of alpine meadows. Walking through these beautiful villages dominated by towers will give you the feeling that you have been invited to live in the Middle Ages in the heart of Europe.

USHGULI is an attractive tourist village in Georgia.


Among all the villages, the beauty of USHGULI village is really enchanting and it is one of the first in the list of touristic villages in Georgia. This village, with an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level, is part of one of the highest residential settlements. This village is very far, and the only way to get there is rough, but at the same time, it is gorgeous, and the residents have a special and unique lifestyle.

Cars are not used there, and the villagers ride horses on the cobbled streets while pigs, dogs, cows, and goats walk beside them on the same path. As if time has stopped there! Although this village is the most touristic in the region, there are many villages that many tourists do not visit.

Therefore, Svaneti is one of the must-see places in Georgia, where you will taste the unique local cuisine and folk music. You can also visit Kinchkha waterfalls and Martvili Canyon.

You will walk along the beautiful paths to Chalaadi Glacier, Shekhara Glacier, and Ushba Waterfalls and also visit Mestia and Ushguli. In addition, you can learn more about the history and culture of Svan and maybe even participate in Georgian folk dances!

You will walk along the beautiful paths to Chaladi Glacier, Shekhara Glacier and Ushba Waterfalls and also visit Mestia and Ushguli. Where you can learn more about the history and culture of Swan and maybe even participate in Georgian local dances and experience a memorable honeymoon in Georgia with your spouse.


How to access Mestia

Mestia is the central village of Svanti. Therefore, we make Mestia our destination.

  • From Tbilisi to Zugdidi

You can go from Tbilisi to Zugdidi by train, and you can choose the night train (8 hours) or the day train (5.5 hours). The ticket price is between 25 and 40 lari.

Mestia, the central village of Svanti, is an ideal place for a honeymoon in Georgia.

You can also go from Tbilisi to Zugdidi by Mashrutka, which departs daily from Vagzali bus station (opposite Tbilisi Central Building). Look for a platform called “Mestia.” The bus leaves at 7 am, the ticket is 30 GEL, and the journey takes about 9 hours.

  • From Zugdidi to Mestia

Get a Mashrutka (look for the name Mestia) at Zugdidi train station. Its ticket is 20 GEL, and the journey takes between 3 and 4 hours.

  • How to get from Mestia to Ushguli

You have three options to go to Ushguli:

1) Go by car.

2) Walk from Mestia to Ushguli. This trek takes about 3-4 days, and you walk along the valleys and magnificent meadows of the Caucasus.

3) Take a shared taxi. The drivers know that this is your only way to get to Ushguli and back, so they will charge you a high price. For example, 100 US dollars! The best option for you is to share the taxi fare with other people.

Accommodation in Mestia and Ushguli

You can camp in Mestia or go to guest houses there. There are many guesthouses in Mestia, starting from $20 per night for two people. Mestia House Inn, Eka Guest House, Nino Ratiani Guest House, Mestia Elite House Hotel, Mestia Old House Hotel, Beka Garden Inn, and Mestia Svaneti Georgia are among the most popular places to stay in this area.

Ushguli also has facilities for receiving guests if they want to spend the night in this small village. Old House, Nizaradze Tower, and Old Ushguli Tower are the best places to stay in Ushguli.


Omalo and other villages in Tusheti

Tusheti is one of the most stunning regions of Georgia. Tusheti, centered on Omalo, is located northeast of Georgia, on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Only one road goes to the area from the 2900-meter Abano pass. It is a beautiful mountain pass, but it is also considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Tusheti road is only open for five months (late May to early October).

Tusheti National Park is an attractive and touristic place to travel to Georgia.

The residents of Tush or Tusheti go there only in the summer season to graze their cattle, hold traditional festivals, and also earn money from their accommodations and tourists. Residents of Omalo village live in the towns of Post Alavani and Akhmeta in Kakheti during winter.

How to go from Tbilisi to Tusheti?

Tusheti is very difficult to reach by public transport. You should be very careful even renting a car because the road is hazardous! Go from Tbilisi to Alvani by Mashrutka. Be sure to stop in Zemo-Alvani or Kvemo-Alvani. Because it has its sights. You will see a Delica (Mitsubishi 4×4 minivan) heading towards Omalo. One-way costs about 40/50 lari per person (about 20 dollars). In addition, Delica must be filled to move. It takes at least 5 hours to travel to this point.



Shatili Khevsureti is a mysterious medieval village surrounded by huge green mountains. Be sure that the variety of landscapes in this area will amaze every traveler. Modern life has not yet penetrated this area in Georgia. The locals go out of their way to please their guests and ensure they are comfortable and happy.

Shatili is another village with ancient attractions in Georgia

On important holidays, the local people wear their local clothes and go to the church, where ancient pagan traditions, mixed with Christian beliefs, are still practiced. Shatili is a destination for nature lovers. Since it is not easy to get there and navigate the trails alone, we recommend you go on a walking tour with a professional guide. On this walking tour, you will visit the prominent attractions of the Khevsureti region (including Shatili) and Kazbegi (see below).

How to reach Shatili

Shatili is located 140 km north of Tbilisi. Unfortunately, due to heavy snowfall, the road is only accessible from May to October. Since you must go through the Datvi Wari Pass, we recommend taking a minibus from Didube metro station (which costs around $15) or renting an off-road vehicle with an experienced local driver, as the road is unpaved and dangerous.

Accommodation in Shatili

Currently, there are only a few guesthouses in Shatili. You should check their availability before making a stay. There are also many camping areas near the river.


Juta tourist village

Juta is the most peaceful and greenest place in touristic villages in Georgia and one of the most popular hiking and climbing areas among professional climbers. Also, walking around the village is equally pleasant. The easiest way to get to Juta is to take a guided day tour from Tbilisi or Kazbegi.

Jota is the quietest and greenest village in Georgia and one of the most popular hiking and climbing areas among professional mountaineers.

How to get to Juta

There is no direct bus from Tbilisi to Juta. Instead, you can take a minibus from Didube station in Tbilisi to Stepantsminda for only 15 lari ($5-6). The trip takes about 3 hours. Once in Stepansminda, you can rent a Delica or any other off-road vehicle to get to Juta, which is 24 km away. This cost will be about 80 GEL.

Accommodation in Juta

Whether you are looking for a nice camping spot or a lovely wooden guesthouse to stay in, Juta has everything you need. Check the price and availability of accommodation rooms.


Tea route in Guria

Guria is one of the least visited regions of touristic villages in Georgia, famous for its rich culture and natural wonders, including mineral waters, alpine meadows, green forests, and sandy beaches. Here you can feel the authentic atmosphere of Georgian villages; Catch a glimpse of the sunset over the Black Sea; Enjoy the magnificent scenery; Pick berries and mushrooms in the forest and camp by the fire and wake up in the morning. Morning sunlight and enjoying the sweet sounds of nature are the advantages of being in this location.

Guria is another tourist village, which is also known for its tea plantations.

Guria is also known for tea plantations. Wild blueberries hang in the mountains of Guria from July to September. Oceans of wild blueberry bushes cover the slopes. Every spring, families from mountain villages all over western Georgia go to the forests and hillsides to pick the young leaves of these bushes and prepare delicious teas.

They chop the leaves by hand to make wild blueberry leaf tea, a delicious tea that tastes like black tea but with blueberry seasoning.

How to reach Guria?

The best place to go to Guria is the town of Ozurgeti, the central municipality of the region. There is a train from Tbilisi to Ozurgeti that leaves early in the morning. This route takes about 9 hours to reach Ozurgeti. The ticket price is between 20 and 35 lari, and you can buy it online or in person at the station.

You can also go to Ozurgeti by a marshrutka (minibus) from any city in Georgia. This route takes about 6 hours from Tbilisi.

Accommodation in Guria

You can find grand guest houses in the Guria that are reasonably priced. However, if you are interested in tea ceremonies and want to see the tea plantations up close, Komli Farmstay is the best option.


Martwili Canyon (touristic villages in Georgia)

Martvili is located in the Samegrelo region in the western part of touristic villages in Georgia, about 280 km from Tbilisi. Despite its remote location, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Georgia. Martvili Valley is a small oasis of emerald green moss trees, 70-meter-high rock walls, beautiful waterfalls, and turquoise blue natural pools. In the past, these natural pools were the bathing place of the Dadiani family, the Georgian nobles who ruled Samgarlo.

You can take a 300-meter riverboat ride through the canyon (US$20 per person) to the other side. The hiking trail is long but leads to limestone bridges and spectacular decks that enable you to see the falls up close.

Martvili Canyon is a protected area national park, so you can only visit it during working hours (from 10 am to 6 pm). The entrance fee is 17.5 GEL (about US$6).

How to go from Tbilisi to Martvili Canyon?

Minibusses depart daily from Tbilisi Didobe bus station to Martvili (20 GEL).

Accommodation in Martvili

Roman House and Karma Dormitory.

in the end touristic villages in Georgia

In introducing the most touristic villages in Georgia, we tried to introduce the most pristine and beautiful touristic villages in Georgia, so that if you had a trip to Georgia and decided to see exciting places in the lap of nature, you would not miss these 6 extraordinary villages. If nature tourism and visiting places with difficult paths are among your favorite thrills, or if you want to experience a different kind of Marriage in Georgia and Honeymoon, be sure to visit these few villages during your trip to Georgia.

If you come across a beautiful tourist village during your trip to Georgia, introduce it to us in the comments.


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