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Best wedding house in Georgia

Best wedding house in Georgia

Getting to know the wedding house in Georgia; It is one of the most important things that every couple should be familiar with in order to get married in Georgia. You can choose one of these houses based on your taste and the number of guests. In this article, we tried to mention 5 of the best wedding houses in Tbilisi and introduce the facilities and features of each one separately.

For many years, “Marry in Georgia” has collaborated with Georgia’s marriage bureaus. We can easily and swiftly plan a wedding house anywhere in Georgia with the assistance of our experts. The wedding houses will have a comfortable setting and unique visuals for you. You can easily and swiftly gather all the required paperwork with the aid of our experts.

Marriage is very important in Georgia, and to ensure that this day is memorable and that the couple will always remember it, marriages are registered in marriage houses. It should be mentioned that the Ministry of Justice’s civil registry office has simplified the processes for registering foreign citizen weddings.


The Best Wedding Houses

The “Marriage House or wedding hall ” is a unique structure with exquisite architecture and design. Georgia is home to a number of breathtaking wedding houses. There are three wedding houses in the city of Tbilisi that is renowned for their beauty and history.

1) The N-1 wedding house in Georgia

Location: Chakhrukhadze Street, in Tbilisi

The wedding house inChakhrukhadze Street, in Tbilisi


This marital house is notable for its architecture and lovely patio encircled by vines. The combination of building and environment is extremely lovely. Photographers also love to visit this location. The inside included numerous statues from other countries, a stunning wooden staircase, and a white, lit room. A lovely atmosphere is also generated by flowers.

2) The N-2 wedding house in Georgia

Location: Beach Street,  Tbilisi

The Justice House is right next door to this wedding house in Tbilisi

The Justice House is right next door to this wedding house in Georgia, which makes getting married quite simple. It stands out for its contemporary architecture and cutting-edge furnishings. There are notable artworks on the walls, as well as ample room for the couple to dance romantically and for the couple’s friends to sit comfortably.

3) The N-3 wedding house

Location: Uznadze Street, Tbilisi

The house of marriage, located in Tbilisi at Uznadze,

The house of marriage, located in Tbilisi at Uznadze, has been helping those looking to have a family since 1964. In Uznadze street, 125,430 marriages have been recorded since 1964. Due to its prime location in the historic district of Tbilisi, this marriage house receives a lot of foreign visitors. the greatest proportion of foreigners married.

4) The Wedding House (Mtatsminda Park) Georgia

The Wedding House Mtatsminda Park

This wedding house is situated in a stunning landscape. This is the location for you if you desire a wedding like those exclusively held in castles and palaces. It can be found in the main park. The structure is entirely made of wood and adorned with diamond decorations. You are also welcomed with a red carpet.

The Wedding House Mtatsminda Park

Wedding house in Sighnaghi

Did you decide to get married all of a sudden? This is not a problem because the Sighnaghi wedding house in Georgia operates around the day. The city of love is here! And only recently was this city given its name.

2007 saw the opening of the Sighnaghi marriage home. The change to a 24-hour mode of operation contributed to the service’s popularity. For information’s sake, a couple’s wedding was officially registered at 6:00 in Sighnaghi’s wedding house. If a couple wants to register their marriage, they should call marry in Georgia at least an hour in advance of their visit, and they should have all the required paperwork. The city development plan included the renovation of the wedding house at No. 10.

Wedding house in Sighnaghi


Why choose Sighnaghi wedding house?

The wedding house in Georgia is a structure that was constructed in the first half of the 19th century and is listed as a historical monument. Since Sighnaghi was restored in 2007, not only for Georgians but also for tourists, this location has grown to be the most alluring. Sighnaghi gradually changed into a European village with red-tiled homes, small, cobblestoned streets, and open-air cafes. One of Kakheti’s most picturesque cities is home to numerous churches, hotels, restaurants, a casino, a history museum, banks, and a city hall. Beautiful views of the Caucasus and the Alazani Valley may be found in Sighnaghi. a growing number of foreigners indicate a wish to wed in Sighnaghi. 437 marriages have been recorded in the Sighnaghi Wedding House since the beginning of 2011.

When one of the bridegrooms is a foreigner, the service is exceptionally well-liked; 52 such couples have a wedding to date. Additionally, there are situations in which both parties seeking marriage are nationals of other nations; 16 such marriages were recorded in Sighnaghi this year. In the “City of Love,” people from Israel, Canada, the United States, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Poland, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Iran, Estonia, Tonga, Sudan, and others nations have declared a wish to wed.

Wedding house in Mtskheta (Georgia)

A marriage home (wedding house in Georgia), whose opening is a part of the Mtskheta renovation plan, is situated close to the Svetitskhovli Cathedral

The company “Magi Style” designed the Mtskheta marital house in accordance with contemporary norms.

It stands out for its style and location in history.


(Georgia) Wedding house in Batumi

2009 saw the opening of the wedding house Batumi (Georgia) in the shape of a shark’s eye at Batumi Boulevard’s main entrance.

Along with Georgian nationals, the marriage house in Batumi’s main avenue also served as a venue for numerous foreigners who desired marriage.

Ten foreigners signed into the mentioned marriage house in the last three months.

The structure, which adheres to contemporary norms, was created by a Georgian architect based in Germany. With its unique architecture, the Batumi Marriage House is one of the strangest structures in the entire world.



As a free country, Georgia is considered a cheap country and geographically the best place to get married. Every day there are many wedding house in Georgia, each of them in a specific geographical location with different facilities for marriage in Georgia. pay In this article, we tried to introduce the most popular and well-known wedding houses in Georgia, and of course, the variety of these houses is very large, and you can choose the best wedding house for your wedding ceremony in Georgia with us. coordination .

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