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9 beautiful places of tourist attractions in Georgia

beautiful places of tourist attractions in Georgia

In this article, we refer to the introduction of fun, interesting and beautiful places in Georgia. Introducing 9 amazing and unique places to visit in Georgia that can make you have a good time in this country. So, if you are traveling to Georgia as a backpacker or for your wedding and honeymoon and you don’t know much about places to visit, don’t miss reading the list of 9 tourist attractions in Georgia..

General view of Georgia

Georgia is the land of rock and stone, medieval castles and monasteries, green hills, towering mountains, deep caves in the heart of mountain ranges and rocky beaches with unique beauty among neighboring countries. Therefore, many people are encouraged to permanently migrate to Georgia due to the mild climate and pristine nature of this country and prefer to spend the rest of their lives there. But if you are one of the people who are eager to see beautiful places in Georgia and gain new experiences in life and enjoy getting to know the culture, history and art of other nations. In this case, Georgia is a great option to travel to customs that have been forgotten for a long time.

Nine amazing and unique places to visit in Georgia in 2023

  1. Tbilisi
  2. Mtskheta
  3. Vardzia
  4. Uplistsikhe
  5. Katskhi column
  6. Chiatura
  7. Batumi
  8. Sighnaghi
  9. Stepantsminda


Best and beautiful places to visit in Georgia

Join us to introduce this list of 9 beautiful  places to visit in Georgia. The first item of this introduction is the city of Tbilisi, with all its natural beauty and attractions.

Tbilisi is the first city in the beautiful places in georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the best cities in this country for travel and living. Tbilisi is bordered on one side by the banks of the Mtkvari River (also known as Kura) and surrounded by hills and mountains on the other side. This city has been the capital of Georgia since the 6th century, and its diverse architecture in different parts of the town reflects its long and complex history. Therefore, walking in the streets and alleys of Tbilisi is like visiting a beautiful museum the size of a city, which can entertain you for many hours and free your mind from worries.

During your walk in the city, you will come across a collection of old, renovated, and ultra-modern buildings. In some alleys, the texture of buildings is irregular and not built according to standard engineering principles; But it still has its own beauty and originality.

When traveling to Tbilisi, don’t miss a visit to Narinkala Castle. You can use two walking paths or a cable car to reach where this castle is located. Narinkala Fort is where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city.

The list of things you should do when visiting Tbilisi:

  • Visiting the Trinity Cathedral
  • Patrolling the neighborhoods of the city
  • Take the cable car to Narinkala Castle and meet Kartlis Deda, “Mother of Georgia.”
  • Eating traditional food in Tbilisi restaurants
  • Visit the Georgia Chronicle, the hidden gem of Tbilisi.

How to get to Tbilisi

To travel to Tbilisi, no matter where you live in beautiful Georgia, you can travel to this city by land or air and get there by train, bus, and minibus! Using the land route to travel from neighboring countries is also possible because air travel is an expensive option.

Accommodation in Tbilisi

If you are traveling on tour, you don’t need to worry about accommodation. But if you have traveled to this city alone, you can rent a bed in a hostel for only 7 euros (10 lari) per night or go to guest houses and pay 12 dollars per night for accommodation. Pay there yourself. Bed Hostel, Pigeon Hotel, Fantasy Boutique, Luxury Inn in Old Tbilisi, Narikala Citadel Hotel in Old Tbilisi, and Stamba Hotel are among the accommodations where you can spend your stay in Tbilisi. Among these places, the hostel has the lowest price, and Stamba Hotel has the highest price.

MTSKHETA is the second city in the tourist attractions of Georgia

Mtskheta was the old capital of Georgia (before Tbilisi). This city is the religious capital, spiritual heart, and, therefore, the most important city of Georgia. Before King Gorgasali moved his capital to Tbilisi, this city was the capital of Georgia. Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, where traces of 4000-year-old human settlements have been found. Mtskheta is home to three important Georgian churches: Svetitskhoveli, Jvari, and Samtavro Monastery.

Saint Nino lived in this city. Known as the enlightener of Georgia, he is one of the most important saints of this country (many girls are named after her). She is the woman who promoted Christianity in Georgia, and that is why it was adopted as the state religion in 330. The city of Mtskheta overlooks Jvari Monastery from Jvari Monastery on one side and leads to Samtavro Monastery on the other side.

Important note: if you want to visit the church, dress appropriately! Men are not allowed to wear shorts or hats. Also, women should wear long skirts and cover their hair with scarves.

Must-see places in the city of Mtskheta

  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
  • Shio Mgvime Monastery
  • Old Mtskheta
  • Bebrisikhe Castle

As we mentioned, Motsakhta is a very old city that has hidden many secrets in its heart. Therefore, we recommend that while visiting the most ancient and sacred places in Georgia, you must use a guide familiar with cultural heritage and history. In this case, you will get complete information on historical places and the background of all important monasteries and churches.

How to access Motsakhta

If you prefer to visit Mtskheta independently, it is a 30-minute drive from Tbilisi. However, you can easily go there by bus from Tbilisi Mall. Or take a minibus (mashrutka) all the way to Mtskheta for only 1 lari.

At the end of the tourist attractions of Georgia

In this article, we tried 9 places of tourist attractions in Georgia; Georgia is definitely one of the cheapest and most spectacular tourist cities, whether in winter or summer, for tourism with unique places and Georgian cuisine. If you decide to come to Georgia for vacation, we suggest that you visit these places and “Georgian tourist attractions” in your tour package to Georgia.

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