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Get to know 9 attractive Georgian cuisine better

Georgian cuisine that you must eat at least once

Georgian cuisine; which draws on the flavors and preparation techniques of Greek, Mediterranean, Turkish, and Iranian cuisines, is unquestionably one of the most famous Georgian cuisines in the world. Do not miss this comprehensive guide to introducing Georgian cuisine if you are getting ready to visit the country or if you intend to live there permanently. Of course, you should use the local food since you’re a tourist and can’t cook while you’re away.

Georgian delicacies

You can try these delicious Georgian cuisine wherever you are in Georgia. As a result, you can eat at Georgian restaurants while shopping at nearby markets. However, if you’ve studied this nation’s cuisine, the titles on the menu will not sound odd to you, and you will be able to order your favorite dishes easily.

A comprehensive list of traditional Georgian dishes is provided in this article, along with advice on what to eat or drink to complement each dish. follow along as we introduce Georgian food in this post.

The most famous Georgian cuisine from the point of view of tourists

Georgian cuisine perfectly captures its people’s culture, traditions, and customs. Foods with simple preparation instructions and a kind disposition, just like the friendly people in this nation. Like the mild and well-balanced temperament of Georgians, like Khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) and Matsoni (yogurt). The flavors of your cuisine are doubled by the addition of herbs like tarragon, parsley, dill, and coriander in delectable sauces made with walnuts and garlic. Additionally, these substances are used to stuff grilled fish and fowl.

The most famous Georgian foods from the point of view of tourists

Georgian people’s eating habits, hospitality, and desserts are famous in East Asia. Toast and Shoti are regular guests on their tables, which have a delicious and unforgettable taste. If you plan to immigrate to this country permanently Or you want to get married in Georgia, how to make toast and Shoti is one of the first things you should learn about Georgian culinary culture. Anyway, in the future, you will find Georgian friends who will be your guests in the future. Your dinner table menu should combine Your foods and Georgian cuisine so your guests can enjoy their favorite food.

Georgian Cuisine

Popular Georgian foods are not few, most people who travel to Georgia tend to try these delicious foods once. We tried to introduce you the best types of these cuisine. Follow along with the list of Georgian cuisine:


Khinkali (Georgian dumpling)

Undoubtedly, the main dish in a Georgian celebration is the Georgian dumplings known as Khinkali. Khinkali dumplings are dough balls usually filled with meat and spices, then served boiled or steamed. The trick to cooking khinkali is that these pieces of dough should not lose their consistency during cooking, and the ingredients inside them should not spill out. Khinkali is mainly served in the south of Georgia, but the people of other provinces are also no strangers to cooking these delicious meatballs.

Khinkali (Georgian dumpling)

Although traditional khinkali is usually filled with meat and spices, vegetarians have invented a vegetarian version of khinkali that contains mushrooms and cheese or mushrooms and curd. This food is available and available in most restaurants upon customer request. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian and plan to travel to Georgia, there is no need to worry because the vegetarian version of this dish is also available in restaurants.

The best way to eat Khinkali dumplings is to sprinkle black pepper on, take the dough to handle, and take small bites from the side of the dumpling. It is also worth mentioning that this dish has broth, so you can pour some broth on it while eating.

The important thing when cooking khinkali is how to close the dough. The more cohesive the sprouts are, the lower the possibility of them falling apart during cooking. In addition, if you wish, you can grind the meat twice so that it is easier to mix with other ingredients and have a more consistent state.


Eggplant with walnuts

Eggplant with walnuts is another traditional dish of Georgia, which is very easy to cook and one of the low-cost foods. Meanwhile, vegetarian tourists can safely order and eat this food. Badrijani Nigvzit is strips of eggplant fried in oil and served plain.

Eggplant with walnuts is another traditional dish of Georgia

The prominent flavor of this dish is the walnut paste that is poured on it when served. Eggplant Nigvzit is tasty and is one of the best dishes on the table of Georgian people.


Lobio (beans food)

The consistency and taste of beans are very different from other beans. Lobio is a type of soup whose main ingredient is fried beans. Lobio is the best dish you can taste with Georgian cornbread when you are tired of meat and rice dishes.

Lobio is the best dish you can taste with Georgian

Bean soup is a complete food containing high amounts of protein.

Georgian bean soup has many similarities in cooking and taste to Mexican bean dishes, and we can say that most people like it.



Iranian Ghazi Kebab is borrowed from the way of cooking Kababi in Georgia. Kababi is minced veal meat flavored with special spices and then skewered like an Iranian pounded kebab. When serving Georgian kebab, they first put sumac, chopped onion slices, and parsley on it and then wrap it in a thin, similar to lavash bread.

Kebabi is one of the main dishes in most of Georgia's eastern restaurants.

In some small cities of Georgia, it is one of the foods available in restaurants, along with a few other foods that may be compatible with your tastes, because kebab is one of the main dishes in most Georgia’s east restaurants.



Dolma is a typical food of Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. However, there are slight differences in how to cook it. Minced meat, vegetables, and rice are the main ingredients in cooking dolma. For example, in Iran, they also add cooked peas to the components of dolma, which is not common in Turkey and Georgia.

Dolma is a typical food of Iran, Turkey, and Georgia.

Also, the vegetables used to fill the dolma include steamed, roasted, or boiled vegetables or leaves, such as hair leaves, lettuce, tomato, eggplant, and bell pepper, which are used in these countries to cook this dish.


Chakapoli, or lamb stew, is usually eaten during holidays (e.g., Easter). In its cooking, a traditional plant is used, which is the prominent flavor of this dish.

Chakapoli, or lamb stew, is usually eaten during holidays (e.g., Easter)

Chakapoli usually has meat such as veal or lamb and is mainly flavored with onions, tkemali (sour plums), white wine, garlic, and mixed herbs.


Mtsavadi (Shashlik)

This dish is pieces of pork roasted in a fire, which the people of this country love. To prepare Matsavadi, chop a large onion, put it in a pan, and then stir it on the fire. Then add the pork meat pieces to the pan. Another method is to skewer the pieces of meat and grill them over the fire. If you were in a place outside the house and the skewer was not available to you, you could use the first method to prepare Matsavadi.



Chicken (chicken or turkey) served with a thinned sauce of walnuts, garlic, and aromatic vegetables. Considered a winter dish (Tsivi means cold in Georgian), Satsivi has usually eaten during the Christmas and New Year holidays, especially in the Adjara region.

Mashed potatoes and lots of cheese 

Potato puree is the traditional food of Suvanian farmers. The preparation of this dish is straightforward, and if you want to eat the diet version, you can add a small amount of cheese.


Georgian bread

No trip to Georgia is complete without experiencing a few unique flavors like khachapuri, a warm and delicious cheese-filled bread. In addition to cheese Khajapuri, there are other types of it, including brick khachapuri (with egg roll), tarragon bread, mushrooms, and rice.

Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) in Tbilisi, Georgia

Arguably, the best Khachapuri can be found in Georgian homes when it is freshly made for breakfast. But you can find Khachapuri in the Svaneti region. In this region, leeks are also used in cooking. You can also find khachapuri stalls on almost every street corner in Tbilisi.

Puri / Tunis Puri (Georgian flat bread)

Tunis Puri is the primary bread of Georgia. The dough is spread in a circular ceramic oven, and the edges of the dough stick to the sides. The advantages of the Tonis puri are often toasted and have a slight flavor. The most delicious version of Tunis Puri is in the city of Borjomi. The taste of this bread is sour.

Lobiani (bean bread)

Lobiani is similar to khachapuri, except that it is filled with bean paste instead of cheese. As a result, Lobiani usually has a very moist texture and is undoubtedly healthier than khachapuri, which is filled with large amounts of cheese.


Kobdari is a special bread from the Svaneti region; Its dough is similar to khachapuri, which is filled with small pieces of meat, spices, and onions.


Chvishtari is a cheesy cornbread (the version of Mchadi with cheese) that, in the old time, Georgian mountaineers carried in their backpacks while climbing.


Getting married in Georgia and participating in cooking courses

If, as a foreign person, you want to get married and raise a family in Georgia, you must participate in various cooking courses so that you can cook the country’s traditional dishes like an authentic Georgian. Getting Marriage in Georgia has the advantage that you start your life together with warm and genuine people, and you don’t feel like a stranger in this country. You can very quickly bond with the people of this country and be completely satisfied with the start of your life together in Georgia.

To become more familiar with the culture of this country and to be able to find many friends for yourself, you should participate in various food tours or cooking classes and try many times to learn the correct and basic cooking methods.


in the end

Georgian cuisine is always memorable for anyone visiting Georgia for the first time. Whether you want to get ready to get married in Georgia, or for a tourist trip or even for a honeymoon in Georgia, we tried to introduce all kinds of Georgian dishes that are very popular among tourists. Tasting and trying each of these foods is not without grace and will leave a delicious memory for you.

If you travel to the Republic of Georgia and can’t find any special food, ask the locals where you can find the traditional dishes of this country, and they will be happy to help you try new georgian foods and flavors. Georgians are proud of their food and culture and are pleased to share it with others.

If you know Georgian food, let us know in the comments. So that at least we can share the pleasure of eating such delicious Georgian food with others.

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