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Georgia marriage registration law in 2024

Get to know the marriage laws in Georgia

Before we delve into Georgia marriage laws in 2024, it’s important to note that you must seek assistance from an experienced and qualified company to obtain a legal Georgian marriage and divorce license, ensuring a simple registration process for your foreign marriage. Marriages in Georgia may be registered in Public Service Development Agency regional offices, wedding houses, and public service hall branches. Wedding houses in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Kvarli, Zugdidi, and Mtsakhta provide specialized ritual services for ceremonial occasions. You can register marriages elsewhere, in addition to the registration office.

Why should I choose Georgia?

Georgia, located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains and on the shining beaches of the Black Sea, is a country of endless beauty and rich cultural heritage. Georgia, known for its historical richness and natural beauty, has slowly become a favorite location for couples planning an overseas wedding. Getting married in Georgia provides not only the chance to participate in a unique and lovely wedding ceremony, but also an easy and simple legal procedure. Georgia has become an attractive location for couples searching for a quick and simple procedure to register an international marriage, thanks to marriage rules that benefit both natives and foreigners.

Georgia’s marriage registration law

We’re going to take a closer look at Georgia’s marriage laws and regulations in 2024. From required documents and the marriage registration process to legal points and special conditions, all aspects that international couples should consider will be discussed. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to help couples who want to go this route have a carefree and memorable experience in Georgia.

Requirements for registering a marriage

Just like any religious or civil act, registering a marriage requires both parties to adhere to specific rules. Below, we will discuss the essential requirements for registering a marriage in Georgia.

Consent from both parties

Both parties must consent to the registration of a marriage. Both parties must fully consent to this, and no one should feel compelled to do so. If one or both of the people getting married are forced to do so, Sharia and the law say that the marriage is invalid and shouldn’t happen at all.

Once you reach legal age

The minimum age requirement for marriage is 18. People must be 18 years old to legally register a marriage. If they are younger than 18, they cannot legally register a marriage.

having proof of identity and legal papers

Both parties must have legal and identification papers with them when they get married. If these documents are not present, the couple cannot register their marriage.

To register a marriage when one or both of the parties are not from Georgia, they must be physically present in Georgia.


Registration of marriages is not allowed:

  • when one of the parties marries another;
  • Among family members who are directly descended or ascendant,
  • a biologically or non-biologically related brother and sister;
  • A relationship exists between an adopted child and their adoptive parents;
  • Between persons, when one of them is a ward and a marriage contract is not concluded between them as outlined in Part 2 of Article 1172 of the Civil Code of Georgia,.

Please keep in mind that someone with power of attorney cannot register your marriage on your behalf.

requirements for marriage registration:

To register for a marriage in Georgia, you must present certain papers. One of the most important tasks while planning a wedding is providing the necessary documentation, which we have listed below.

  • Signed application from all parties who are eligible for marriage; If the application is filed on behalf of a person who is entitled to marry, proof of identification and power of attorney from the parties are required.
  • Identification documents to verify parties’ identities.
  • Registration service fee.
  • paperwork proving the witnesses’ identities.
  • If relevant, documentation of a prior union’s divorce settlement is necessary. Please contact the MaryInGeorgia team for more information so that you can better understand the situation and facts.
  • You must personally present the required documentation to the authorities. However, if the information in the required document is already in the Public Service Development Agency’s electronic database, there is no need to submit additional papers.


Marriage registration law interpretation in Georgia

Furthermore, all documents issued (validated) in other countries, with the exception of those in which the relevant country is a party to an international treaty or agreement with Georgia, such as the Minsk Treaty and the Hague Convention, as well as those used as proof of identity, must be in the appropriate legal or certified form and submitted with a certified Georgian translation.

The right to alter one’s surname while registering for marriage

When registering a marriage, the couple may pick one of their surnames as their joint surname, or both or just one of them can choose a combination of their spouse’s surname.

Marriage registration in Georgia includes unique ceremonial rites.

Marriage houses in Georgian towns like Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, and Mtskheta, as well as public service halls in Poti, Gori, Kvarli, and Zugdidi, provide unique ceremonial services for marriage registration in Georgia.

  • The parties may choose to register the marriage on the day of the application or on a different date.
  • Marriage registration requests are valid for two months following registration.

    The Marriage Registration Process in Georgia

Georgia attracts foreign couples for their weddings due to its easy and quick procedures. This section explains the basic procedures for marriage registration in Georgia.

Collect documents.

The first step is to gather all of the relevant paperwork. This contains valid passports and if required, divorce or death certificates for ex-spouses. Additionally, notarization and translation into Georgian are required for all papers.

Determine the Time of Marriage Registration in Georgia

Couples should visit the local register office to establish their marriage registration date. Georgia normally registers marriages within one or two working days.

Marriage ceremony.

The marriage ceremony may be held in the registrar’s office or another place of the couple’s choosing. Marriage requires at least two witnesses.

Issuing a marriage certificate

Following the ceremony, marriage certificate will be issued. This certificate is accepted as an authentic marriage document both in Georgia and across the world.

Submit a Georgian marriage certificate in the country of origin.

If required, spouses may register their marriage in their country of origin or residency. This may require the submission of a marriage certificate and other documentation in the respective country.

Marriage and following the rules for nuptial contract.

A nuptial contract does not seem romantic at all at first sight. It is a legally binding formal document. When there is a marriage contract, it takes a lot less mental and physical energy for the spouses to work out their property rights against each other during a divorce than when there isn’t a marriage contract.

Marriage laws in Georgia

The State Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia records marriage as a union based on the consent of a man and a woman for the purpose of forming a family under Georgian civil law.
Marriage is considered an inseparable relationship since it is legally registered. According to Georgia’s government and marriage regulations, an unregistered marriage between a man and a woman, even if they have been together for a long time, is not deemed marriage and carries no legal marital duties.

  • When both spouses marry, they create a broad variety of personal and property rights and duties to one another. During marriage, the man and woman must perform all of these responsibilities honestly and thoroughly.
  • Marriage law establishes equal rights and obligations for spouses in family interactions. The marriage contract outlines the duties and legal responsibilities that the couples have to one another.

Couples may, however, choose to sign into a prenuptial agreement before marriage and manage their assets thereafter.

nuptial contract

Upon careful consideration of the conditions and adherence to Georgian marriage laws, it is important to understand that international marriage registration in Georgia solely regulates the couple’s assets-related rights and obligations. Therefore, the contract does not affect the rights and obligations of other spouses. Any property that a spouse acquires during marriage is subject to the law. However, couples can waive this legal requirement for any property by entering into a prenuptial agreement that specifies their property rights both during the marriage and in the event of divorce.
Both the existing property and the future property can be the subject of the international marriage contract. Couples can combine their assets or designate joint or separate ownership. One of the other rights of the spouses is the division of property between them at the end of the marriage.
Note that the marriage contract does not include conditions that put one of the spouses in a difficult situation. For example, a marriage contract cannot change the spouses’ obligation to support each other, the rights and duties of parents towards children, the obligation to pay alimony, or the ability to appeal in court in case of a dispute.
Also, the marriage laws in Georgia, with the permission of the court, may modify the provisions of the marriage contract based on the request of the beneficiary couple and for other applicable reasons that put one of the couples in a very unfavorable situation.

The rule for concluding a nuptial contract

According to Georgian legislation, the nuptial contract cannot regulate the details of the couple’s daily lives. You can sign a nuptial contract before the marriage, but it won’t take effect until you register the marriage. Additionally, couples can sign it while they are married.

A notary public drafts the nuptial contract, tailoring it to the couple’s needs for current or future property ownership.

The contract can be changed or terminated at any time, and the latter does not result in the termination of the marriage. The contract’s terms only take effect after the divorce.

Marriage registration in Georgia requires the following documents:

  •  Couple passports or travel documents
  •  Official translations of passports (Georgian language)
  • Two witnesses who are Georgia residents, citizens, or foreigners are legitimately visiting Georgia.
  • If this is not your first marriage, your previous partner’s divorce or death certificate is required.

The groom or bride must also present a divorce document that has received approval and authorization if they are marrying for the second (or third) time.

Consider the following points when registering a marriage in Georgia:

  1. If one of the couples is a dual citizen or possesses a travel document, the individual must enter Georgia with the passport or travel document necessary for marriage registration.
  2. If couples have a joint child, they must provide complete documentation for the child (a certificate of birth) and complete documentation for the parents to register the marriage (a certificate of birth).
  3. The company will present witnesses if the applicant requires one.

Why should I marry in Georgia?

Georgia is officially granted EU candidate status and is a member of the apostille convention of the Hauge, which means that the marriage certificate issued by the Georgian government can be verified in all parts of Europe, the USA, Canada, and all other countries that are members too.

Marriage in Georgia: Benefits and Advantages

Georgia, with its rich and ancient culture, is well-known not only as a tourist destination but also as an outstanding location for international weddings. This country has delivered a one-of-a-kind experience for couples from all over the globe, thanks to its unique blend of natural beauty, historic traditions, and uncomplicated marriage regulations. In this section, we examine the most significant benefits of marriage in Georgia.

The legal procedure is quick and simple to follow.

The ease and quickness with which the legal procedure may be completed is one of the most appealing aspects of getting married in Georgia. In many circumstances, couples may finish the marriage registration procedure in a matter of days, which is ideal for those who need a rapid answer.

Beautiful views and ancient sites.

Georgia has stunning natural landscapes and historical sites that are ideal for wedding celebrations. From the stunning mountains of the Caucasus to the gorgeous beaches of the Black Sea, this nation has a wide range of wedding possibilities.

Rich culture and unique experiences.

Getting married in Georgia allows couples to explore some of the country’s old and diverse culture. These experiences may include local customs, traditional meals, and even traditional Georgian clothing.

Numerous countries have easy entry and do not need a visa.

Georgia does not need visas for nationals of 100 countries, making international wedding planning easy.

A variety of ceremony options

Getting married in Georgia gives couples the option of traditional Georgian rituals or contemporary and bespoke ceremonies, allowing them to create a fully unique ceremony that meets their preferences.

International couples are increasingly opting to marry in Georgia because of these advantages. From the ease of the legal procedures to the cultural and natural attractions, Georgia offers a pure and unique experience for couples wishing to begin a wonderful relationship together.

What is Apostille, or the process of document legalization, and what are the advantages of obtaining a Georgian marriage certificate?

Georgia is a signatory to the European Union’s Association Agreement and a member of the Universal Apostille Convention. A marriage certificate issued by the Georgian government is valid throughout Europe, the United States of America, Canada, and all other countries.

Apostille-stamp-ed documents are immediately usable in member countries.

Apostille/legalization of documents can be completed in three ways (one, two, or four business days), depending on the package selected and the applicant’s requirements.

Legalization of documents entails approval by the issuing country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Is a visa required for Georgia?

Georgia is visa-free for citizens of the EU, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States. To learn more, please visit

Where is the marriage registration held, and how long does the procedure take?

The process of marriage registration is determined by the selective package, according to the marriage laws in Georgia. This could take place in a wedding house or a public service facility. It is worth mentioning that the document will be issued by the Georgian government and will be identical in all packages.

All packages require one day for marriage registration, and they issue the document in the Georgian language.


Several additional benefits of registering your marriage in Georgia

  1.  Convenient access to Europe and Asia with a one-and-a-half-hour trip and daily flights
  2.  Citizens of the majority of nations do not require a visa to visit Georgia.
  3.  All Europeans and Americans do not require a visa.
  4.  Inexpensive hotel and travel costs
  5.  There is no requirement for a certificate of celibacy, an identity card, or any other paperwork.
  6.  There is no requirement to provide blood testing or other clinical procedures.
  7.  Couples are not required to have a residency card in this country.
  8.  Quick translation and apostille certification for the highest-validity destination country
  9.  Acceptable document in all countries
  10.  Possibility of registering a religious marriage in an Islamic registry or in a church

Marriage registration in Georgia for foreigners

Maybe this question has arisen for you: What is the registration of international marriage for foreigners in 2024 like when young couples are so eager to register their marriage in this country?

As you know, Georgia is gradually becoming a wedding tourism country, and there are many objective reasons for this:

  • Marriage in Georgia requires a minimum of documents.
  • Foreigners can marry without practicing any religion.
  • A couple planning to get married does not need to be Georgia citizens or have a residence permit.
  • Foreigners can even get married in 24 hours.
  • Marriages performed in Georgia are legal on a global scale.
  • Citizens of 94 countries do not need a visa to travel to Georgia and get married.
  • You only need two witnesses for a wedding.
  • You do not need the permission of the bride’s father or guardian to register your marriage.
  • You can tie the knot at the age of 18.
  • There is no mandatory pre-marriage medical examination in Georgia.

How do I translate marriage documents?

For marriage registration in Georgia, you can have your documents translated by a notary chamber in your country of residence, or you can have them translated by specialists from the MaryInGeorgia agency. Translation and authentication services are provided by offices of notary chambers in every country in the world.

Why do foreigners marry in Georgia?

The reasons behind this decision may vary for each couple, but here are some that our agency’s professionals discovered after studying them:

  1. The cost of marriage in Georgia is lower than where the couple resides.
  2. Religious grounds prevent a couple from marrying in their home. For example, in Muslim nations, marriage between a Muslim and a person of another faith is either illegal or subject to a number of restrictions.
  3. A couple is unable to marry owing to complex governmental procedures in their nation.
  4. If one of the partners is a citizen of another nation, he may marry in Georgia and quickly receive a visa or citizenship.
  5. To get authorization to give birth. For instance, only married couples in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries receive this permission.
  6. In circumstances where one or both parents (guardians) do not agree to the marriage.

Same-sex marriage in Georgia.

When it comes to same-sex marriage in Georgia, the situation becomes more complicated. Georgia, like many other countries, does not recognize same-sex marriages.

our circumstance has not only resulted in legal limits on same-sex weddings in our nation, but it may also have an impact on the experiences and sentiments of those involved.

Constitution and Marriage in Georgia

The Georgia Constitution defines marriage as a relationship between one woman and one man. According to this concept, same-sex weddings cannot be formally and legally registered in Georgia. As a result, same-sex couples who reside or want to marry in Georgia are unable to officially register their marriage.

Human Rights and Discrimination

The topic of same-sex marriage in Georgia is not only legal, but also has larger implications for human rights and discrimination. Human rights campaigners and civil society organizations in Georgia and throughout the globe are working to recognize same-sex marriage rights; nevertheless, legislative development in this area is glacial.

Alternative choices.

For same-sex couples who want to marry, options include conducting an informal ceremony or going to countries that accept same-sex marriage. While these choices are not the legal equivalent of being married in Georgia, they may help couples commemorate their vows in a supportive and meaningful setting.Same-sex marriage in Georgia.
When it comes to same-sex marriage in Georgia, the situation becomes more tricky. Georgia, like many other nations, does not recognize same-sex marriages.

At the conclusion

This article attempts to completely explain Georgia’s marriage regulations in order to receive the official license given by the Georgian government in 2024. There are several reasons to marry in Georgia, and considering how simple it is to get a marriage license here, it’s no surprise that the nation is becoming more popular for wedding ceremonies. If you have any questions concerning Georgia marriage laws, please contact our experts for help.

The MarryInGeorgia company is one of the agencies that can help you from the beginning to the end of this journey. With us, you can complete the full marriage registration procedure in Georgia, and if you need direction or advice, you can just contact or email the advisors at this center. Our advisors will respond as soon as possible and accompany you on the journey.

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