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marriage laws in georgia

Get to know the marriage laws in Georgia

Before we get into marriage laws in georgia; so that you can get a valid Georgia marriage license, it should be said that marriages in Georgia may be registered at wedding houses, public service hall branches, and any regional office of the Public Service Development Agency.
Marriage palaces in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Kvarli, Zugdidi, and Mtsakhta offer special ritual services in ceremonial situations. Also, the marriage may be registered elsewhere, at any site, outside the registry office.

Marriage registration law interpretation in Georgia

Marriage is a willful union between a man and a woman to start a family. Following the registration of the couple’s marriage with the appropriate authorities, the couple is granted certain rights and obligations.


Registration of marriage in Georgia

Per the question that also arises for you, how are the marriage laws in Georgia for foreign descendants that young couples are so passionate about registering their marriage in this country? As you know, Georgia is gradually becoming a country of wedding tourism, and there are many obvious reasons for this:

  • Georgia requires less documentation for marriage than other countries.
  • Foreigners do not need to perform any religious ceremonies for marriage.
  • Couples who intend to marry do not need to be Georgian citizens or have a residence permit.
  • Foreigners can get married within 24 hours.
  • Marriages in Georgia are legal all over the world.
  • Citizens of 94 nations do not require a visa to travel to Georgia and marry.
  • You only need two witnesses for a wedding.
  • You do not need your father’s approval or an adapter in order to register your marriage.
  • You can get married at the age of 18.
  • There is no mandatory premarital medical examination in Georgia.
  • certificate of divorce or death of your former spouse if it is not your first marriage.

In the case of a second (or third) marriage, the divorce certificate must be translated into Georgian and confirmed by the Georgian notary chamber.
This certificate must be presented in Georgia with a legalization or apostille (members of the Mink Convention do not require legalization or apostille).

Important: If the spouses have children together, they must also provide their identity cards and birth certificates for their children with translation.


requirements for marriage registration

Marriage registration requires the permission of those who wish to marry and the attainment of marriage age;

Marriage registration is permitted beginning at age 18


Marriage registration law interpretation in Georgia

Registration of marriages is not allowed:

  • between persons, when one of them marries another person;
  • between family members who are directly descended or ascendant;
  • between a brother and a sister who are related biologically or non-biologically;
  • between an adopted child and their adoptive parents;
  • Between persons, when one of them is a ward and a marriage contract is not concluded between them as outlined in Part 2 of Article 1172 of the Civil Code of Georgia.

When one or both parties are foreign citizens, they must legally stay in Georgia to register their marriage in georgia

The following persons are eligible to apply for marriage registration:

  • A couple of full legal age desiring to be married;
  • An authorized person(s) of a couple;

Please consider that by proxy, a marriage cannot be registered.

The following paperwork must provide for marriage registration:

Written application from all parties who are eligible to marry;

identification documents serving as proof of marriageable individuals;

the registration service fees.

documentation demonstrating the witnesses’ identities;

proof of a divorce settlement from a prior union (if applicable). If the application is submitted by the representative of a person who is eligible to marry, proof of identity and authorization of the authorized person is needed; please get in touch with the Mary Inn Georgia staff for further details so they can assist you in comprehending the circumstances and specifics.

The related documentation must present physically to the appropriate authorities. However, if the information provided in the relevant document is already available in the Public Services Development Agency’s electronic database, you are not required to provide further documentation.

Additionally, unless otherwise specified by an international treaty or agreement with Georgia, all documents issued (certified) in another country, except those used as proof of identity, must be submitted in properly legalized or apostille certified form, with the translation duly attested under Georgian laws.

the right to change one’s last name when registering for marriage:

At the time of marriage registration(marriage laws in georgia), spouses can choose one of their surnames as their common surname, or both of them, or just one of them, may choose the surname formed by combining their surname with that of their spouse.


Marriage registration with a special ritual service

The marriage palaces of Tbilisi offer marriage registration with a special ritual service, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Sighnaghi, Akhaltsikhe, and Mtskheta, and Public Service Halls of Poti, Gori, Kvareli, and Zugdidi.

Marriages may be registered on the day of application or on the day the parties choose.

Applications for marriage registration are valid for two months following the day they are submitted.


Marriage contract regulations: what are they?

Marriage is a legal fact that creates a legal relationship between spouses. the regulation of marriage has a long history; for instance, in Babylon, the parents were entirely responsible for organizing and planning the wedding. The groom’s father would decide the price of the woman in his proposal. If it was accepted, it would be presented to the bride’s father at a ceremonial ceremony together with other wedding gifts.

The current Georgian civil law defines marriage as a consenting union of a man and a woman for the purpose of starting a family that is recorded in the local office of the State Services Development Agency, a body of public law that falls under the jurisdiction of the Georgian Ministry of Justice.

Marriage is inextricably linked to the fact that it is registered in legal terms. Even if it lasts for a long time, an unregistered partnership between a man and a woman is not regarded as a marriage and does not result in the legal consequences of marriage.

Both couples fulfill a wide range of personal and property rights and obligations towards one another when they get married. Throughout the marriage, men and women must faithfully and fully perform all these obligations. the legislation defines spouses as having equal rights to personal property and responsibilities in family relationships. The laws determines in georgia  the obligations and rights that spouses have to one another. however, the couple decides to enter into a marriage contract before getting married and at any point afterward manage their property rights.

What is a marriage contract

It is important to note that the marriage in georgia contract solely governs property rights and obligations. Therefore, the spouses’ rights and obligations are unaffected by the agreement. common property is anything that spouses obtain while they are married (co-ownership). However, couples can override this legal requirement for a property by entering into a marriage contract that outlines their property rights and obligations, both during the marriage and in the event of divorce.

Marriage laws in Georgia

The marriage contract can be concluded both on the existing property and the property acquired in the future. Couples can combine their assets or designate shared or separate property ownership. The property divided between the spouses at the end of the marriage is another right of the couple.

It must be mentioned that circumstances that place one of the couples in a difficult situation cannot be included in the marriage contract. For example, the marriage contract cannot alter the couples’ obligation to support one another, the rights and obligations of parents towards their children, the obligation to pay alimony, or the ability to file a court appeal in case of a dispute.

Also, the court might modify the provisions of the marriage contract based on the application of the interested spouse and for respectable grounds, which would put one of the spouses in a very adverse situation.

The rule of concluding a marriage contract

A marriage agreement may be reached at any moment, before and after the marriage laws in georgia is registered. However, it should be remembered that the marriage agreement that was signed before the marriage registration takes effect after that. the marriage contract must be made in writing and confirmed by a notary. by mutual consent of the spouses, the marriage contract may be altered or canceled at any moment. It is forbidden for one partner to refuse the marriage contract unilaterally. also, the marriage contract is terminated in case of divorce.


Marriage registration in Georgia requires the following documents: 

  •  Couple passports or travel documents
  •  Official translations of passports (Georgian language)
  •  Two witnesses who are either Georgia residents or citizens


Consider the following points when registering a marriage laws in georgia:

  •  If one of the couples is a dual citizen or possesses a travel document, the individual must enter Georgia with the passport or travel document necessary for marriage registration.
  • If couples have a joint child, they must provide complete documentation for the child (certificate of birth) and complete documentation for the parents to register the marriage (certificate of birth).
  •  The company will present witnesses (if the applicant requires one).

What is Apostille, or the process of document legalization, and what are the advantages of obtaining a Georgian marriage certificate?

Georgia is a signatory to the European Union’s Association Agreement and a member of the Universal Apostille Convention. A marriage certificate issued by the Georgian government is valid throughout Europe, the United States of America, Canada, and all other countries.

Apostille-stamp-ed documents are immediately usable in member countries.

Apostille/legalization of documents can be completed in three ways (one, two, or four business days), depending on the package selected and the applicant’s requirements.

Legalization of documents entails approval by the issuing country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Is a visa required for Georgia?

Georgia is visa-free for citizens of the EU, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States. To learn more, please visit


Where is the marriage registration(marriage laws in georgia) held and how long is the process?

The process of marriage registration is determined by the selective package according to the marriage laws in Georgia. this could take place in a wedding house or a public service facility. It is worth mentioning that the document will be issued by the Georgian government and would be identical in all packages. Marriage registration takes one day in all packages, and the document is issued in the Georgian language.


Several additional benefits of registering your marriage in Georgia

  1.  Convenient access to Europe and Asia with a one-and-a-half-hour trip and daily flights
  2.  Citizens of the majority of nations do not require a visa to visit Georgia.
  3.  All Europeans and Americans do not require a visa.
  4.  Inexpensive hotel and travel costs
  5.  There is no requirement for a certificate of single status, an identity card, or any other paperwork.
  6.  There is no requirement to provide blood testing or other clinical procedures.
  7.  Couples are not required to have a residency card in this country.
  8.  Quick translation and apostille certification for the highest-validity destination country
  9.  Acceptable document in all countries
  10.  Possibility of registering a religious marriage in an Islamic registry or in a church

How do I translate marriage documents?

For marriage registration in Georgia, you can have your documents translated by a notary chamber in your country of residence, or you can have them translated by specialists from the MaryInGeorgia agency. Translation and authentication services are provided by offices of notary chambers in every country in the world.


Why do people from other countries marry in Georgia?

The reasons for this decision may vary for each couple, but here are a few of them that our agency experts have discovered by researching them:

  1.  The cost of marriage in Georgia is less than the place where the spouses live.
  2.  The groom or bride is not allowed to marry in their home for religious reasons. For example, in Muslim countries, marriage between a Muslim and another religious person is either prohibited or has a number of restrictions (such as in countries such as Iran, Qatar, the Emirates, etc.).
  3. A couple cannot get married because of the complicated bureaucratic mechanisms in their country.
  4.  If one of the partners is a citizen of another country (such as the Philippines), they can get married in Georgia for a quick process to obtain a visa or citizenship.
  5.  To obtain a child’s birth certificate For example, in the Gulf countries, this license is only granted to married couples.
  6.  In cases where the parents or one of them does not agree to marriage.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to get married in Georgia, and given that getting a marriage certificate here is easy, it’s no surprise that the country is on the rise for wedding ceremonies.


in the end marriage laws in georgia

In this article, an attempt has been made to fully explain the marriage laws in Georgia in order to obtain an official license issued by the Georgian government in 2024. If you have any questions about marriage laws in Georgia, contact our experts to guide you.

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