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Best Honeymoon Resorts in Georgia in 2023

Best Honeymoon Resorts in Georgia

Honeymoon resorts in Georgia can create the most memorable honeymoon for you. The honeymoon is one of the most important transitions in a marriage because it defines the couple’s relationship. It’s also a sweet memory that will last a lifetime, so start making your honeymoon unique to you.

Almost every honeymoon begins with the couple traveling far away from relatives, family, and friends; it’s a romantic trip. This is the time when the couple focuses solely on themselves, as if they are the only two people in the entire universe. which heightens and strengthens their emotions. The couple has the best honeymoon memories. Because it only happens once in a lifetime, everything should be perfect, well-planned, and as comfortable for you as possible. Because even minor mistakes can have a big impact on your mood and ruin your best memories.

Our team is ready to plan everything so that we can provide you with the most unique places that are unknown to everyone and will be the most suitable for you.

Honeymoon in Georgia is truly memorable, Georgia, a small country that is completely unrecognizable, mystical, and ancient, Recommended by our team for a dream honeymoon. It is distinguished by its natural beauty as well as its ancient culture and civilization. We will meet friendly people in the country. Before introducing the best places and resorts for honeymoon in Georgia, it is better to familiarize yourself with the culture and people of this country.

A few words about Georgia

 Georgia is a beautiful country with diverse natural beauty and a mild climate that allows visitors to visit almost year round. Between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges, the country is located on the Black Sea coast. The country’s forest covers nearly one-third of its land area, with the majority of it concentrated in the mountains

 Georgia is a beautiful country for honeymoon

Interesting fact: vines have grown in Georgia for millennia, and archeological evidence suggests that the first wine was made there 8000 years ago.  Georgian wine is something that you should try.


Georgia has an ancient, centuries-old, and rich culture, as evidenced by cultural monuments and various ancient works of art.Georgian culture was influenced by both Eastern and Western civilizations. By combining these two civilizations, Georgia created its own national culture.


Georgians are well-known for their friendliness. They are regarded as one of the friendliest countries in the world. Since ancient times, the phrase “the guest is a guest” has been used in Georgia. They also have a unique table custom in which they will undoubtedly bring you traditional dishes and choose a tamada – a person who will lead the table with pleasant toasts.

Best Honeymoon Resorts in Georgia

Georgia is always one of the cheapest and most attractive tourist areas for the honeymoon of your dreams, you can spend your honeymoon in the regions and parts of this mountainous country and create the most memorable days for your wife. According to the experience and knowledge of our team in organizing marriage ceremonies and honeymoon in Georgia, in this article we will try to introduce you the best so that you can choose the right area for your honeymoon. Stay with us and get to know the best areas and Resorts for honeymoon in Georgia.



Is it possible for a seaside town to be appealing in all four seasons? Maybe if we’re talking about Batumi. Batumi is appealing all year round, thanks to its warm climate, old and new architecture, beautiful botanical garden, and evergreen boulevard.

All you need to know is one little secret about old Batumi: all the main streets lead to the sea.

A piazza, a square with cafes, bars, and restaurants, is located in the heart of old Batumi. On weekends, you’ll frequently see newlyweds taking photos on Batumi’s piazza.

Another place I recommend visiting is the Batumi Botanical Garden, which has an 11-hectare garden filled with various plant species.

A central park is located near the boulevard and is planted on the lake’s edge. Everyone here prefers to relax in green meadows and under the shade of trees. The oldest tree in Central Park, a cypress that was planted in 1888, is already 130 years old.

Batumi has a lot to offer nightlife enthusiasts: some like to stroll along Batumi Boulevard, where musical fountains lit up with different colors dance all night, others like night clubs, others like Batumi casinos, and still others prefer to have fun in seaside bungalows in the summer.

A 130-meter-high tower with the letters of the Georgian alphabet on it stands near the seashore, and nearby is the “Wonder Park,” one of Batumi’s most romantic spots, with a moving statue of a couple in love on the seashore.

A fascinating fact The “Ali and Nino” statue was erected in 2010 as a symbol of love regardless of nationality or creed.

An intriguing fact The “Ali and Nino” statue was erected in 2010 as a symbol of love that transcends nationality and creed.

The monument is named after Azerbaijani writer Kurban Said’s novel “Ali and Nino.” “Ali and Nino” is a novel about the love of Azerbaijani Muslim Ali Shirvashiri and Georgian Christian Nino Kifiani. The events described in the book take place in the Caucasus during World War I.



Sighnaghiari, Georgia, is known as the city of love and is widely regarded as the most romantic and beautiful location in Kakheti. It is located 110 kilometers east of Tbilisi on a mountain slope. The town is small, but it has been well preserved. Just walking around it is enjoyable: cobblestone streets, many old houses, quiet and peaceful village life – a perfect place for lovers.

Why is it known as the “City of Love”? Here are two versions. According to one of them, the city’s wedding palace is open around the clock, where anyone can marry their union, even without documents or trouble. According to the second version, these locations were once home to the famous artist Niko Firosman, who paved the way for scarlet roses for his beloved (this story is also implied in Pugacheva’s song “Million Scarlet Roses”). Whatever anyone says, this small town can safely be described as sentimental.

The city is built on hills and has numerous winding streets. The Alazani Valley, where the world-famous Kakheti wines are produced, can be seen from above.



Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the best cities in this country for travel and living. Tbilisi is bordered on one side by the banks of the Mtkvari River (also known as Kura) and surrounded by hills and mountains on the other side. This city has been the capital of Georgia since the 6th century, and its diverse architecture in different parts of the town reflects its long and complex history. Therefore, walking in the streets and alleys of Tbilisi is like visiting a beautiful museum the size of a city, which can entertain you for many hours and free your mind from worries.

During your walk in the city, you will come across a collection of old, renovated, and ultra-modern buildings. In some alleys, the texture of buildings is irregular and not built according to standard engineering principles; But it still has its own beauty and originality.

When traveling to Tbilisi, don’t miss a visit to Narinkala Castle. You can use two walking paths or a cable car to reach where this castle is located. Narinkala Fort is where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city.

The list of things you should do when visiting Tbilisi:

  • Visiting the Trinity Cathedral
  • Patrolling the neighborhoods of the city
  • Take the cable car to Narinkala Castle and meet Kartlis Deda, “Mother of Georgia.”
  • Eating traditional food in Tbilisi restaurants
  • Visit the Georgia Chronicle, the hidden gem of Tbilisi.



Mtskheta was the old capital of Georgia (before Tbilisi). This city is the religious capital, spiritual heart, and, therefore, the most important city of Georgia. Before King Gorgasali moved his capital to Tbilisi, this city was the capital of Georgia. Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, where traces of 4000-year-old human settlements have been found. Mtskheta is home to three important Georgian churches: Svetitskhoveli, Jvari, and Samtavro Monastery.

Saint Nino lived in this city. Known as the enlightener of Georgia, she is one of the most important saints of this country (many girls are named after her). She is the woman who promoted Christianity in Georgia, and that is why it was adopted as the state religion in 330.

Must-see places in the city of Mtskheta

  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
  • Shio Mgvime Monastery
  • Old Mtskheta
  • Bebrisikhe Castle

As we mentioned, Motsakhta is a very old city that has hidden many secrets in its heart. Therefore, we recommend that while visiting the most ancient and sacred places in Georgia, you must use a guide familiar with cultural heritage and history. In this case, you will get complete information on historical places and the background of all important monasteries and churches.


Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon (Gachedili Canyon) is one of the most-visited places in Georgia

Carved out by the Abasha river, the 2.4-kilometre gorge has 50 to 70-metre-high rock walls and several cascading waterfalls. Visitors explore the area via a 700-metre walking trail and on a short 15-minute ride in an inflatable boat.

The crystal clear water of the canyon is surrounded by a lush green forest, which further enhances its emerald green colour. Nowadays, visitors can freely walk around the canyon and marvel at the incredible scenery of the emerald green river and its majestic waterfalls.

The most popular activity in the Martvili Canyon is boating. Taking a guided boat tour of the 300-meter long river will treat you to the breathtaking views of the mountain river canyon. It will cover the entire section of Abasha where you can best enjoy the views of the canyon. Along the way, you will be exploring the Dadianis Path, a mountain river gorge, while passing at limestone bridges overlooking the scenic waterfalls.

There are a few things that make Martvili special among Georgia’s canyons (there are lots of others in this region that I’ll get to later). Firstly, its appearance is very unique, with slender tree trunks, spindly branches and huge boulders covered in moss hanging over sparkling turquoise-blue waters. The high humidity means it’s green virtually year-round (the photos in this blog were taken in late December). It really is very beautiful.

If you’re someone who loves nature, adventure, culture, and history, then the Martvili Canyon is definitely worth a visit. The views at the canyon are beautiful and unique, and is truly fun to explore, whether on a boat or by trekking.

If you have plenty of time, it may be best to check out the other sights and attractions near the Martvili Canyon. You can stop at the Nokalakevi fortress on your way to Zugdidi. The Dadiani Palace is also nearby. It looks very splendid and is now a museum that houses an interesting collection depicting the natural cultural heritage of Georgia.



Svaneti, one of the most remote areas of Georgia, is a land of medieval defense towers, breathtaking nature, 10 highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountain range, and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) above sea level, Mestia is a great spot to start exploring the region. From here, you can walk to glaciers, learn about the Svan culture at the museum, try local delicacies, and ski at one of Georgia’s ski resorts.

his is one of the most important museums you must visit in Georgia. Located in Mestia, the museum was founded in 1936 and showcases several significant historical artifacts both from Svaneti and the rest of the country. Here, you’ll learn about the lifestyle of Svans, see unique engravings and icons, explore medieval weaponry, and see unique works of jewelry .

Svaneti is home to the highest restaurant and hotel in Georgia, located at Mount Zuruldi. From here, you have breathtaking views of Tetnuldi and the Caucasus Mountain Range.

Ski lovers will enjoy their time in Svaneti as the skiing season here lasts until mid-April. The ski resort Hatsvali is great for both snowboarding and skiing with 5,6 km long slopes of different difficulty. There are four lifts operating in the area to take you do any slope you prefer. The ski season varies each year but on average you can come here from December to April.


in the end

In this article, we tried to introduce honeymoon places and Resorts in Georgia. As a mountainous country, Georgia is one of the most pristine and attractive places for your honeymoon. Of course, it should be mentioned that the costs in Georgia are more suitable than in other countries of the world, that you can easily have a memorable honeymoon in Georgia with a relatively low cost. In Mary of Georgia, in addition to Getting Married in Georgia, we can bring you a beautiful honeymoon.

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